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Altive Media is an alternative content distribution company, which acquires and distributes live and pre-recorded events in 2D and 3D into cinemas. 'Alternative Content' is a growing business within the cinema world, which was brought about by the move from film to digital technologies.

By showing alternative content in cinema it gives the content owners and providers the ability to widen their audience further than traditional methods, while giving customers more choice and more opportunities to view and experience an event. For many customers a cinema seat could be the 'best seat in the house'.
Altive Media look to release a wide variety of content from sporting events, music concerts and stage shows to gaming, documentaries and comedy acts plus many more 'non-feature film' events.

We are at the centre of alternative content and have great ties within the music, film, gaming, cinema exhibition and advertising industries. Our key Management Team has an unrivalled knowledge and experience base in cinema exhibition, marketing, distribution, sponsorship, advertising and digital technologies. We provide strategic budgeting, planning, dating and booking of content for theatrical release.

We negotiate terms and conditions of play with our cinema exhibition partners and execute marketing and distribution support tailored to each event. We then fulfil and audit the collection of returns for re-distribution.
We can also offer sponsorship and advertising for many events through our sister company Pearl & Dean.

theatrical exhibitions
Find optimal release date and manage the theatrical strategy
Book event into cinemas
Negotiate terms & conditions of exhibition with cinema operators
Collect and manage all box office figures and returns from cinemas


Design, artwork, printing, distribution and placement of quad/one-
    sheet cinema posters
Design, artwork, printing and distribution of leaflets/flyers
Trailer creation, editing, targeting and placement
Event Publicity and PR
Creation and placement of Radio spots
Design, artwork and placement of Newspaper ads

-Web Based
Create, design and develop Micro-sites
Create, develop and manage Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter,
    Foursquare, Bebo, etc...)

Match, source and manage potential sponsorship opportunities
    through our sister company, Pearl & Dean
digital distribution
DCP duplication, distribution and management of 'feature' and
KDM distribution and management
Satellite management through third party for Live Events
Management of BBFC certification process

Altive Media
Corinthian House
279 Tottenham Court Road

Contact details


+44 (0)20 7199 2406