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Altive Media is an Event Cinema content distribution company, acquiring and distributing live and pre-recorded events into cinemas and other venues.  'Event Cinema Content' is a growing business within the cinema world, brought about by the move from film to digital technologies.

Screening ‘Event Cinema’ content in cinemas and other venues gives content owners and providers the ability to broaden their audience, whilst giving customers more choice and more opportunities to view and experience an event. For many customers a cinema seat could be the 'best seat in the house'.

Altive Media look to release a wide variety of content from sporting events, music concerts and stage shows to gaming, documentaries and comedy acts plus many more 'non-feature film' events.


We don't just do our own thing, we can work with other companies to bring their content to the big screen.


Altive get involved in all aspects of the production process, from Rights Acquisition, through pre-production, the production of an event itself, and the post-production process, where we can re-purpose content for distribution in the TV and VOD channels.


Altive have a worldwide reach and sell content in Europe, North & South America, the Far East and Australasian markets.

We book content with venues, issue contracts, collect and collate box office returns.  We then issue invoices and follow up with individual venues to ensure prompt payment of revenues.


Altive utilise traditional and social media channels to market content.  We monitor campaigns in order to target resources.

We provide physical delivery of marketing assets to venues and provide website access to enable these materials to be downloaded, as necessary.


Altive can distribute live content via satellite or the web.  We provide technical support to ensure each venue receives the highest quality video and audio quality. 

We also distribute programming in a variety of other formats including DCP,  Blu-ray and DVD, as required, to enable a venue to screen the content.

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